Best River Cruise: Mekong River with Scenic

Scenic Spirit Pool deck

The Nine Dragons River flows 2,700 miles from the snowy Tibetan Plateau through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam where it disappears into the South China Sea. As one of Asia’s least developed waterways, the Mekong is abundant in wildlife, history and culture. With a biodiversity second only to the Amazon, this precious river is […]

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Scenic River – The Facts

Scenic is the brand choice for many discerning river cruise devotees; lured year-on-year to the fleet of gorgeous ‘Space Ships’ with vitality pools and wellness centres, personal butlers, 24-hour room service, unlimited drinks and wonderful cuisine. The company’s Australian roots reach back to 1987 when Australian entrepreneur Glen Moroney founded Scenic Tours. Since then the […]

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