FOGO ISLAND INN, NEWFOUNDLAND – Luxury Sustainable Design Hotel Dangling on the Remote North Atlantic Coastline

Fogo Island Inn


Perched on Fogo Island’s rocky coastline, in remote Newfoundland, this eco-hotel overlooks the choppy Northern Atlantic as icebergs and whales drift by. A flight to Gander, followed by two car trips and a 30 minute boat ride will get you there … and it’s well worth the effort. The remote Canadian island is a an unspoilt wilderness with a sub-arctic kaleidoscope of flora and fauna to explore. The fishing community of Joe Batt’s Arm is on the doorstep.

The Resort

The Inn is built on stilts to mirror local fisherman’s houses and minimise intrusion to the sensitive surrounding environment. There are 29 rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the dramatic seascape – perfect for watching the Northern Lights. Inside, a library, cinema, art gallery, hot tub and sauna provide good cover from the elements, should they turn inhospitable, but most guests are found outdoors enjoying the many walks and local activities on offer. Above all else, the eco-resort prides itself on high standards of service and a socially conscious ethos. Locals are actively involved in the guest experience, with a ‘community-host’ allocated to every stay, and all profits are returned to the community through a range of carefully curated green conservation projects.


  • All surplus proceeds are re-invested in the community with no private benefit
  • High-calibre sustainability strategy going well beyond the current recommendations
  • Community collaborations within the arts, fishing and furniture making
  • New Ocean Ethic participant
  • Partnered with Carbon Zero as an option for guests to offset their trip

Who’s This For?

Eco-travellers seeking a luxury experience in the sub-arctic, rooted in sustainability, where the hefty price tag goes 100% towards supporting local communities.

For further info visit Fogo Island


Images courtesy of Fogo Island Inn

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