Cloud forest resort in Costa Rica’s tropical Highlands

Monteverde Hotel


As part of the Cayuga stable of sustainability-centred hotels, this stunning resort is located in Costa Rica’s lush tropical highlands. The hotel lies within the cloud forest – home to some of the world’s richest ecological biodiversity, not to mention iconic suspension bridges and zip-lines – yet is only 15 minutes from the lively town of Monteverde. 

The Resort

Luxurious cabins nestle amongst tropical gardens, close to the cosy mountain lodge overlooking the spectacular Highlands. The restaurant and bar are inviting spaces, focused on local produce with high winds and a comfortable vibe. Nearby, the yoga studio hosts classes, events and group meetings. Private nature trails stretch out through the cloud forest and complimentary access is offered to the magical Auguti wildlife reserve. There are 400 bird species, 3,000 uniquely-adapted plant and orchid species, pumas, monkeys, endangered jaguars, endemic amphibians, and tens of thousands of insect varieties on the doorstep.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Nature conservation – 5,500 native plants and trees have been planted to restore the forest
  • Monteverde Forest Clean Up – staff volunteer with young locals
  • Staff are exclusively Costa Rican, mostly local.
  • Food, drink, art and bathroom products are sourced locally.
  • Single-used plastics are not used
  • Solar-powered water heating and biodegradable cleaning products are in place throughout the resort

Who’s this for?

Eco-pilgrims who want to hike through pristine cloud forest and return home to a luxurious lodge with genuine sustainability credentials.

Green verdict

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Images courtesy of Senda Monteverde

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