Cruise Crush: Seabourn Ovation’s Art Collection

Cruise ships are becoming important art venues in their own right, with curated collections good enough to satisfy even the most discerning art connoisseurs. Seabourn Ovation, launching in May this year, will display 1600 museum-quality pieces from 120 global artists. The actual pieces have yet to be unveiled.

Luciano Vistosi
A Luciano Vistosi Sculpture

Brought together by designer Adam D. Tihany and a team from ArtLink, the collection includes a Murano glass piece by Luciano Vistosi, named “Warrior The Second”. Thought to be of polished and hammered lagoon green crystal, it will be featured on Deck 4 at the base of The Atrium.

Frank Stella
A Frank Stella Lithograph

1960’s black and white photographs taken by American icons Eve Arnold, William Helburn and Alexander Liberman will decorate The Grill by Thomas Keller. Two original lithographs by American abstract expressionist Frank Stella represents a practice where the picture-is-object rather than a representation of a larger theme or idea. Similarly, the candid nature of the photographs produced by Arnold, Helburn and Liberman depict instances that are quite literally exactly as they seem.

Yoo Eui Jeong
A Yoo Eui Jeong Vase

Other notable pieces include Valeria Nascimento’s “Black Coral”, made from black pigmented porcelain with a form that is reminiscent of a living organism indigenous to the depths of the ocean. Also, Korean ceramic artist Yoo Eui Jeong, who uses timeless Korean vase making techniques in order to highlight the influence of contemporary culture on traditional art forms, brings a one-of-a-kind vase to the elevator lobby. Yoo Eui Jeong’s hand-made vases are part of a series that have been displayed at London’s V&A Museum. The Club Lounge will feature a highly impressive mixed media photography by Jose Romussi. The black and white photograph of a woman features lush hues of wild flowers that Romussi hand-embroidered onto the photograph. The woman’s features are masked by flowers while their stems seem to be growing from beneath. Romussi’s limited edition photograph examines the spectrum of beauty standards found throughout various cultures in the world.

Seabourn Ovation

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