Silversea World Cruise 2019: A Tale of Tales

A world cruise is arguably the ultimate travel experience. Crossing oceans, rounding capes, visiting the great cities and ticking off continents is, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Tale of Tales Route Map
Tale of Tales Route Map

Silversea’s Tale of Tales in 2019 promises to be one such epic voyage: 132 blissful days onboard the ultra-luxurious Silver Whisper, travelling from San Francisco to London, visiting 52 ports, and 31 countries. Technically it’s not a ‘world cruise’ as the trip doesn’t actually circumnavigate the globe – but leaving a transatlantic crossing out of the itinerary doesn’t lose much and gives more time to linger and explore fascinating places. It’s a good trade.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Several renowned artists and writers will accompany guests during the trip, inspired (hopefully) by the destinations they visit to produce original art work and short stories. The resulting anthology, presented to every guest, is intended to record the journey from a unique creative perspective.

Tale of Tales

Paul Theroux, the author of many highly acclaimed books, is scheduled to travel. His novels include The Lower River and The Mosquito Coast, and his popular travel books include Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Dark Star Safari, and Deep South. He divides his time between Cape Cod and Hawaii.

Tale of Tales
Paul Theroux and Pico Iyer

Also joining the trip is Pico Iyer,  author of two novels and ten works of non-fiction. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and has been called “arguably the world’s greatest living travel writer”. Born in Oxford, England, to parents from India, he was educated at Eton, Oxford and Harvard.

Silversea Tahiti

Overnights are planned for Tokyo, Cape Town and Bordeaux offering truly immersive visits to these wonderful cities. The itinerary is rich with diversity and interest; guests can look forward to ancient Bali temples, fairytale islands of French Polynesia, Komodo dragons in Indonesia, the bustling streets of Mombasa, African starry skies and London’s iconic Big Ben.


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