Radar: Lindblad adds more Antarctic value

Lindblad South Georgia
South Georgia King Penguins

Lindblad Expeditions are offering flights direct to or from The Falkland Islands on two select voyages on National Geographic’s Explorer later this year, removing a full day at sea. Guests can enjoy the extra time either on the life-changing Antarctic Peninsula or in South Georgia, depending on which trip they have chosen. 

Lindblad South Georgia
Southern Elephant Seals in South Georgia

A one way direct flight from the Falklands to Santiago on the 18-day South Georgia and the Falklands trip on October 23, 2017 results in a day more to enjoy the insights of Global Perspectives Guest Speaker Greg Marshall, wildlife expert and National Geographic filmmaker – not to mention the 100,000+ penguin colonies of South Georgia.

Lindblad Antarctica Landing
National Geographic Explorer Parks on the Ice

Alternatively, on the 24-day Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland’s departure on November 6, 2017, guests can choose to fly from Santiago to the Falklands to give extra time on the stunning Antarctic peninsula.  U.S. Arctic Research Chair Frances Ulmer and former astronaut and oceanographer, Kathy Sullivan join the trip.

Photos courtesy of Lindblad


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