Lindblad – National Geographic Endeavour II

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Lindblad, the award-winning expedition cruise line, bring their masterfully re-designed, compact, expertly equipped and staffed, adventure-focused, mind-expanding National Geographic Endeavour II to the Galápagos this season.


The newly refurbished ship cuts a confident path through these Pacific waters, mixing the grit of true exploration with comfort and class. The maiden voyage, a 17-Day Epic Galápagos Photography Expedition, is now underway, kick-starting the 2017 island trips which include an option to visit the historical and modern Inca culture of Peru on some tours.

Galapagos Sea Lion (Zalophus wollebaeki)

There’s something seductive about the Endeavour II … it’s rugged, approachable, keen to get up close and personal and is not without a little risk. The name of this vessel, which unfolds from a floating mission control into a well-designed layout of cabins and public space, alludes to both a clear aim and the effort required achieving it. A trip like this is an undertaking, a commitment to embrace the world outside and all it offers.

Guest snorkeling with sea turtle in Galapagos. DER from 2005

The voyage with Endeavour II is excellent in itself and excellent for you; get on board and experience the therapeutic benefits of enrichment and exploits. Prepare to follow in the footsteps of Darwin, observe giant Galápagos tortoises with a leading naturalist guide, snorkel with sea lions, brush up on your wildlife snaps with the resident National Geographic photographer, watch sea green turtles from a glass-bottomed Zodiac, kayak beside penguins, stand on the bridge as you cross the Equator and spot the Southern Cross in the starry skies above.

ENII_Library View (2)

Elsewhere cabins induce restful sleep, the library encourages lingering over interesting books and maps, an informal ambience generates engaging conversation and the camaraderie of adventure creates life-long friendships.


The Endeavour II nourishes the soul.

Photos courtesy of Lindblad

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