Water Earth Air – The Ultimate Cruise Guide


Water Earth Air is the definitive guide to modern luxury cruise travel; by sea, river, land and sky.


Bringing together Water Earth and Air, the three elements of modern day cruising, the guide seeks out the very best experiences; from sailing the great oceans to meandering up and down rivers, trekking through rainforest, exploring the ice cap or flying at 39,000 feet in a private jet.


Focusing on only the very best, Water Earth Air highlights the finest cruise lines, hand-picked destinations, both established and emerging, as well as the latest innovation in ships, boats, land-based excursions and planes.


In the last ten years, cruising has grown by 68%, easily outstripping general travel and is set to continue with this incredible expansion.


In 2016, 22 million people chose cruise travel as their preferred choice of holiday, visiting much loved locations like the Caribbean and Mediterranean as well as venturing to more remote locations including Alaska and the Antarctic.


The desire for luxury continues to rise and the cruise industry is responding with ultra-modern vessels and planes, unprecedented onboard experiences and innovative shore activities.

Pool Deck - Deck 11 Midship Seven Seas Voyager - Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Six-star hospitality is standard on the best cruise lines along with increased connectivity, world-class cuisine, access to leading experts and guides, first-rate spas, outstanding fitness and health facilities, leading entertainment and immersion in authentic local culture.


Investment in technologically advanced and beautifully designed cruise transport is a key driver in the popularity of the industry and there are many ships, boats and planes currently in production to meet this aim.


Improvement in service and facilities is constantly ongoing as well as a targeted plan to reach the World’s most exiting and remote destinations, a genuine embracing of environmental sensitivity practices and providing purpose to travellers through volunteering and other philanthropic ventures.


Exciting times lie ahead … and Water Earth Air can take you there.

Photos courtesy of Regent Seven Seas, Crystal, AMA Waterways

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